Friday, March 29, 2013

Off to Europe....

Hello Everyone!

I'm getting ready to head out for a five-week excursion of Germany and Italy with a little side-trip to Croatia to boot. Really looking forward to this and a great big thanks to all the wonderful people who helped me put this together (you know who you are)! 


Here's my gig schedule as things stand right now. Hope to see some of you at one of these events:

April 3rd: Arrive in Frankfurt, Germany.

April 4th: Frankfurt - Casablanca Bar, Le Meridien Hotel. Trio with Partido Gold
Apr. 5th: Frankfurt - Freitagsküche. Trio with Rudi Engel & Jens Biehl - 20:30.
Apr. 6th:
Obertrubbach - Studio Lounge. Martelle Trio feat. Russ Spiegel - 19:30.
Apr. 7th: Wurzburg - Alter Kranen. Jazz Brunch with the Janosch Korell Group - 10:00.
Apr. 7-11: Stay in Wurzburg.
Apr. 11th:
Hanau - Jazzkeller. Russ Spiegel Quartett - 21:00.
Apr. 12th: Attending the Frankfurt Musikmesse.
Apr. 13th:
Bensheim - Rex. Martelle Trio feat. Russ Spiegel - 20:30.
Apr. 14th: Frankfurt - Waggong. Jazz Guitar Master Class - 12:00.
Apr. 15th: Mannheim - Cafe/Bar der Alte Feuerwache. Jazz Session w/Jens Bunge Group - 21:00. 
Apr. 16-18: Stay in Frankfurt. 
Apr. 19th: Heidelberg - Jazzhaus. Duo with guitarist Christian Eckert - 21:30.
Apr. 20th:
Milan - Jazz Workshop at Via Mecenate - 16:00.
Apr. 21st:
Rome - Beba do Samba. Jazz Guitar Masterclass - 16:00.
Apr. 21st: Rome - Beba do Samba. Duo with trumpeter Aldo Bassi - 22:00.
Apr. 22-23: Stay in Rome.
Apr. 24th: Trieste - Corte Café. Domingo Lobuono Trio - 19:00.
Apr. 25th: Rijeka, Croatia - HKD Club. Duo with guitarist Zoran Majstrovic - 20:00.
Apr. 26th: Trieste - Welcome Veg. Domingo Lobuono Trio - 19:00.
Apr. 27-29: Stay in Italy.
Apr. 30-May 3rd: Stay in Berlin.
May 3rd:
Kaiserslautern - Lautrer Wirtshaus. Bodo Jaworek Ensemble - 20:00.
May 4th:
Frankfurt - Nacht der Museen. Uli Schiffelholz Group - 19:00.
May 5th: free.
May 6th: Leaving back to NY.


As to my other gigs - as always:

Friday March 29 & Saturday March 30, 7-10pm: I am playing dinner jazz in duo with bassist Kevin Thomas at this wonderful Italian restaurant and wood burning, brick oven pizzeria:
Il Porto Pizzeria Restaurant
37 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 624-2965


Please have a look at my new YouTube channel:

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