Saturday, May 14, 2016

Call Me Doctor!

It's done! I have a palm tree growing out of my head.

But seriously, after three grueling years of long days, short nights, lots of composing, writing, studying, and more, I am now a Doctor!

It's been a fantastic experience here in Miami and I am thankful for all the opportunities I have had here. Who would have thought that I'd be earning my sole award from Downbeat Magazine for Recording and Engineering? Not me, that's for sure. What an amazing program here.

Now it's on to my summer travels. I'll be in Frankfurt, Germany catching up with some old friends (and some are OLD friends these days, haha!). Then it's off to Trieste, Italy for the remainder of the summer. There I'll be teaching a workshop at the Conservatorio di Trieste as well as gigging and teaching. My old schoolmate from City College - drummer Gasper Bertoncelj - has been organizing a tour in Slovenia. Zoran Mastrojevic, another colleague based in Croatia, has also organized a workshop and some gigs in that part of Europe.

Then it's back to Miami to a new home and looking for work. Stay tuned....

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Doctoral Update

Well, I'm sitting pretty in Miami. My concert was a success and now my paper is handed in. My defense is in a little less than two weeks and then come revisions and formatting, various other hoops to jump through and then you can call me Dr. Spiegel!

What a crazy thought!

In the meantime, I've been catching up on sleep and have started getting busy playing music again. So that's what a guitar looks like!

One gig to announce for this month:

The Russ Spiegel Trio
Russ Spiegel - guitar
Jim Gasior - organ
Michael Piolet - drums
Live at Lilt Lounge Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
Hours: 9-12pm
Address: 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hello Again - I'm Still Here!

I've just been very lazy/busy pursuing my doctorate in Jazz Composition at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. I'm almost there - just a couple more months and a lot of writing and you can call me Dr. Spiegel!

I'm gearing up for my Doctoral Concert 7-8pm, Thursday, March 3 in Room 206 in the Foster building of the Frost school. Entrance is free, and the band is one-of-a-kind:

Tom Kelly, Manny Echazabal, Chris Thompson-Taylor, Joey Rosin, and Special Guest: Tim Armacost
Cisco Dimas, Nick Benitez, Sam Neufeld, and Special Guest: Brian Lynch
Chad Bernstein, Will Wulfeck, Javier Nero, and Major Bailey
Luke Franco, Jim Gasior, Bob Bruya, and Evan Hyde
Special Guests:
Alex Manfredo: vocals
Hendrik Meurkens: chromatic harmonica
Jackson Parodi: electronics and accordion


In the meantime, here's a little article I wrote that touches on my research....

Peace & Love,

Friday, August 9, 2013

Goodbye, New York!

For the next stage of my career I will be leaving New York for the time being to concentrate on my studies at the University of Miami. There I will begin working on my DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) in Jazz Composition in a lush setting of palm trees and ocean breeze.

Of course, New York will never be far from my mind and I hope to visit back there whenever the opportunty presents itself, as well as continued trips to Europe and elsewhere during school breaks. 


Upcoming Gigs:

Friday, Aug. 9: My final gig in New York City will be at the Bar Next Door performing standards and originals with my trio. Sets are at 7:30, 9:30 and 11:30. As this is a very small, intimate venue (seats about 30!!!), make sure to reserve a place. $12 cover.

The Russ Spiegel Trio:
Russ Spiegel: guitar
Gary Wang: bass
Anthony Pinciotti: drums

About the Bar Next Door: Slightly larger than a nice sized efficiency apartment, lit by votive candles, and bedecked with dark wood, it would be an understatement to call this subterranean West Village bar intimate. Jazz trios, crammed into a corner of the room near the working fireplace, play seven nights a week, as snuggling couples and self-styled enthnomusicologists lounge on dark leather banquettes while sipping wine or martinis. (There's an exhaustive menu for the former.)

The Bar Next Door
129 MacDougal St
New York, NY 10012
Tel: (212) 529-5945

Monday, May 13, 2013

Return of the RSJO & More News

At Freitagsküche, Frankfurt Apr. 5, 2013
(c) Copyright Katrin Schander 2013
The picture on the left was taken in Frankfurt, Germany during my European tour. I had an amazing time playing, teaching, traveling, meeting awesome people and eating way too much and sleeping way too little during my five-week sojourn to Germany, Italy and Croatia. My most humble thanks to all those involved and I will treasure my memories of this trip.

Next on the agenda: gearing up for my move to Miami in August. I have been chosen out of a field of over 50 candidates to work on my DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) in Jazz Composition at the University of Miami. I will be attending on a full scholarship plus stipend. Going to be a busy time of schoolwork, teaching, and writing full-time.



Wednesday, May 22nd, 7-9pm (one set only): it's the Russ Spiegel Jazz Orchestra back at the Zinc Bar. We'll be featuring the great Hendrik Meurkens on chromatic harmonica and the exceptionally talented Israeli singer Tammy Scheffer.
The RSJO is:
Reeds: Alejandro Aviles
,Justin Wood, Stephan Kammerer, Carl Clements, Alden Banta
Colin Brigstocke, James Smith, Seneca Black, David Smith
Sara Jacovino, Chris Stover, Brad Madsen, Brandon Moodie
Rhythm: Mike Eckroth (piano); Yoshi Waki (bass); Matt Kane (drums)

Featuring Special Guests: Hendrik Meurkens on chr. harmonica & vocalist Tammy Scheffer
Russ Spiegel is the composer, arranger, and bandleader

Zinc Bar
82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan)
Greenwich Village New York NY 10012
tel. 212-477-ZINC (9462)

Fridays & Saturdays, 7-10pm: I am playing dinner jazz in duo with bassist Kevin Thomas at this wonderful Italian restaurant and wood burning, brick oven pizzeria:
Il Porto Pizzeria Restaurant
37 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 624-2965

Keep Swingin'.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Off to Europe....

Hello Everyone!

I'm getting ready to head out for a five-week excursion of Germany and Italy with a little side-trip to Croatia to boot. Really looking forward to this and a great big thanks to all the wonderful people who helped me put this together (you know who you are)! 


Here's my gig schedule as things stand right now. Hope to see some of you at one of these events:

April 3rd: Arrive in Frankfurt, Germany.

April 4th: Frankfurt - Casablanca Bar, Le Meridien Hotel. Trio with Partido Gold
Apr. 5th: Frankfurt - Freitagsküche. Trio with Rudi Engel & Jens Biehl - 20:30.
Apr. 6th:
Obertrubbach - Studio Lounge. Martelle Trio feat. Russ Spiegel - 19:30.
Apr. 7th: Wurzburg - Alter Kranen. Jazz Brunch with the Janosch Korell Group - 10:00.
Apr. 7-11: Stay in Wurzburg.
Apr. 11th:
Hanau - Jazzkeller. Russ Spiegel Quartett - 21:00.
Apr. 12th: Attending the Frankfurt Musikmesse.
Apr. 13th:
Bensheim - Rex. Martelle Trio feat. Russ Spiegel - 20:30.
Apr. 14th: Frankfurt - Waggong. Jazz Guitar Master Class - 12:00.
Apr. 15th: Mannheim - Cafe/Bar der Alte Feuerwache. Jazz Session w/Jens Bunge Group - 21:00. 
Apr. 16-18: Stay in Frankfurt. 
Apr. 19th: Heidelberg - Jazzhaus. Duo with guitarist Christian Eckert - 21:30.
Apr. 20th:
Milan - Jazz Workshop at Via Mecenate - 16:00.
Apr. 21st:
Rome - Beba do Samba. Jazz Guitar Masterclass - 16:00.
Apr. 21st: Rome - Beba do Samba. Duo with trumpeter Aldo Bassi - 22:00.
Apr. 22-23: Stay in Rome.
Apr. 24th: Trieste - Corte Café. Domingo Lobuono Trio - 19:00.
Apr. 25th: Rijeka, Croatia - HKD Club. Duo with guitarist Zoran Majstrovic - 20:00.
Apr. 26th: Trieste - Welcome Veg. Domingo Lobuono Trio - 19:00.
Apr. 27-29: Stay in Italy.
Apr. 30-May 3rd: Stay in Berlin.
May 3rd:
Kaiserslautern - Lautrer Wirtshaus. Bodo Jaworek Ensemble - 20:00.
May 4th:
Frankfurt - Nacht der Museen. Uli Schiffelholz Group - 19:00.
May 5th: free.
May 6th: Leaving back to NY.


As to my other gigs - as always:

Friday March 29 & Saturday March 30, 7-10pm: I am playing dinner jazz in duo with bassist Kevin Thomas at this wonderful Italian restaurant and wood burning, brick oven pizzeria:
Il Porto Pizzeria Restaurant
37 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 624-2965


Please have a look at my new YouTube channel:

Best wishes,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Big European Excursion

Hello from Brooklyn! There was snow everywhere just a few days ago, but now it's all melted. It's still cold, but dry and beautiful in NY.

I'll be heading over to Europe for a month or so to do gigs and hang out, meet friends, etc. Hopefully, for those of you located across the pond there will be a chance for us to meet up. It'd be great to see you after all this time!

I have free dates and it's not so much about the money (though money is welcome) as it is just to play and be working and keeping busy. So if you hear of anything - gigs or workshops - or have something I can join in on, I'd be very grateful.

Here's my gig schedule as things stand right now. Hope to be updating with some more dates between now and April:

3-4.4 free
5.4. Frankfurt - Freitagsküche
6.4  Studiolounge Obertrubbach
7.4  Jazzbrunch in Wurzburg
8-9.4 Workshop at Backline Wurzburg?? (evenings free)
10.4 free
11.4 Hanau Jazzkeller
12.4 free
13.4 Rex Bensheim
14.4 Jazzguitar Workshop, Waggong Frankfurt (evening free)
15.4.Jazzsession Mannheim
19.4 Jazzhaus Heidelberg
20-21.4 Milan
22-24.4 Trieste
25.4-27/28.4 Rome and Bari
3.5. Kaiserslautern
4.5 - Nacht der Museen/Frankfurt
Leaving back to NY on May 6th.


As to my other gigs - as always:

Fridays & Saturdays, 7-10pm: I am playing dinner jazz in duo with bassist Kevin Thomas at this wonderful Italian restaurant and wood burning, brick oven pizzeria:
Il Porto Pizzeria Restaurant
37 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 624-2965


Have a look at my YouTube channel:

Best wishes,